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Areas of our activities

PPHU Singiel is a private company producing molded rubber and metal &rubber parts.

  • production of rubber parts of high physical and chemical, as well as physical and mechanical parameters
  • drawing up of design documentation for vulcanization molds and manufacturing of vulcanization molds

For our production we use only the best mixtures, therefore our products have high quality and meet requirements of our customers. We co-operate with a wide range of branches: automotive, construction, agricultural machines, fittings, gas manufacture, furniture industry, sport equipment production, mining and many others…

Our range

  • rubber rings of O, U, V type
  • clutch inserts
  • rubber & metal parts
  • legs
  • strainers
  • suckers
  • doorstops
  • sleeves
  • adapters
  • rubber rings
  • tips for metal tubes
  • plugs
  • caps
  • membranes
  • gaskets for sewage systems
  • rubber profiles